Saturday, 27 June 2015

BuzzBee Toys Ultra Auto Tek Unboxing,Overview,Demo

 Finally got my hands on the brand new,yet to be released, Ultra Auto Tek. Big thanks to BuzzBee for the product sample.
I have a demo video of this blaster up on my channel so do check it out. Full review will come out when I have the time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review: Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper Cs-6 Mission Kit [Demo & Unboxing Too!]

Hoho! Well,this was unexpected. Nerf just released the Alpha Tropoer Cs-6 Mission Kit! Alright,since this is new,I know many of you guys will end up using my image. I don't mind at all,but please give credits to 'Awesomely Nerf'.

Anyway,this kit includes the Alpha Trooper Cs-6, two clips, a stock, and 12 darts.

The blaster and stock are both painted in a really nice colour scheme. Totally digging it! Do note that it's not the Gear Up Series scheme though-the orange is different.

Anyway,the XD Alpha Trooper is the same as the Elite Alpha Trooper. The only differences are the paint job and the name plate. Same for the Spectre stock. It's just repainted.

The two clips included in the mission kit are N-Strike clips. Is Nerf trying to clear their left over clips? Haha.

Anyway,you can watch the unboxing and overview video of the Mission Kit below.Do tell me in the comments if you'll be picking one up!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: BuzzBee Ultra Tek 8 [Oh This Is Goooood]

 Over the pass few years, dart blaster companies have been pushing the limits of their blasters to make them shoot further.And BuzzBee is no exception. Just recently, BuzzBee released some blasters under a new line-the Ultra Tek line. These blasters have range claims of up to 72ft.
Thanks to BuzzBee, I am fortunate enough to get my hands on the Ultra Tek 8 to do a review.
 The Ultra Tek 8 comes along with 8 darts, and a clip.
The darts which come with the Ultra Tek 8 shoot really well because of their solid heads.This help to improve accuracy and consistency of the flight of the darts.
 So to get the blaster to work is really simple. Load the darts into the clip like so- Tips facing where the arrow is pointing.
 Prime the blaster back like that,insert the clip,push the handle forward, and you're ready to fire.
 The priming handle fits comfortably in my hands. But I think that users with larger hands might encounter some difficulties with the priming handle.
As for the main handle/grip, I personally do not like it that much. It's a little small for my liking,which results in the blaster becoming a little front heavy.Not too big of an issue though.

 Another point which I would like to bring up is the clip release button. The button,in my opinion, is too far away from the clip. As you can see from the picture above, I need quite a bit of stretch for my thumb to reach the button. 
 As of now,I have shot over the Ultra Tek 8 over a hundred times. It have not failed me and I did not encounter any jams when testing it. I think it would hold up pretty well during games.
 And time for more good news. Guess what? The Ultra Tek 8 accepts clips from a certain other  brand. It fires their darts too!
This is great because you can use a large range of other clips. 12,15,18,25 dart clips, and more.

Conclusion time! I am VERY pleased with this blaster. The only problems which I have found while testing this blaster are some minor ergonomic  issues that do not bother me much. This blaster is compact,reliable, and packs a punch. Accuracy is also pretty good because of the darts. I recommend this blaster to people who are interested in getting a new blaster for stock games.

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating:9/10

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Review: Nerf N-Strike Slingstrike [Probably better than what you think!]

Once again,Singapore is the first country to receive another new blaster-The Slingstrike.
This blaster is priced at $19.90(SGD) and i bought mine from Isetan. It comes in a proper sealed box,along with an instruction manual and 2 elite darts.

 Straight out of the box,the blaster requires some quick assembling.Attach the handle to the main body of the blaster. Younger children might find this a little difficult;so parents, do take note. After you're done with that,attach the orange piece to the grey circle on the fake bow arms.The picture above shows how the blaster should look like once it's assembled.
How this blaster works is really straight forward. Slide a dart into the dart chamber(or in this case,the dart sits on the dart post). Then,pull back the orange piece at the end of the blaster,and release to fire.
When the orange piece is released, it swings forward and hits the body of the blaster,resulting in a loud 'cluck' sound. Plastic and plastic contact makes me cringe a little. Hopefully this doesn't wear down the blaster's life.

The handle is too small for my liking.So users with larger hands will probably find this an issue too.Also, the plastic at the back of the handle is annoyingly uncomfortable. 
There's quite a bit of tension in the strings, which explains why this blaster shoots well. But elastic bands being elastic bands...they're probably wear down sooner or later.

You can check out my video review,and a demo of this blaster here.
Overall,I am very pleased with this blaster. It performs way better than I expected.Despite not having a trigger,this blaster is still pretty accurate.I only dislike two things about this blaster-how it looks,and the handle.
But still,it's a pretty nice blaster which simulates a sling shot.I'd recommend this to newer Nerfers who would like to get into the Nerf hobby,and as Christmas presents for kids(Christmas is just 11 days away!).

Rate Of Fire:6/10


Personal Rating:8/10

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Review: Nerf N-Strike Sharpfire [Nerf Duck Hunt Blaster?]

*If you would like to use any images, please credit my blog 'Awesomely Nerf'*

 The Sharpfire has arrived in Singapore and is retailing at $29.90(SGD). It comes in an open style box,along with 10 darts and an instruction manual.

This blaster is part of the N-strike line,and is more or less and inline jolt.It comes with a stock and barrel,which are both detachable.
To remove the barrel,simply pull it out.
To remove the stock,press the orange button below the handle,and pull it out.It can be held in two different positions.The stock holds a total of 6 darts,and has a clip on it,so that it can be hooked on to belts.It's a little short and slightly wobbly,but still comfortable enough for me. The side of the darts are not covered so they call fall off if something knock into them.

 Loading the blaster is really simple. Pull back the slide to prime the blaster,and load a dart into the dart chamber. Then,close the slide and fire. It works similar to a sliding brass breech.

You can check out my full review on my YouTube channel right here.
But anyway,I really like this blaster a lot.It seem to have more power than my N-Strike Longshot,but still isn't much compared to the Elite blasters. It's accuracy isn't that good either.However, what I like about this blaster is it's tacti-coolness and paint scheme(Looks like the blaster from Dart Hunt!)! Its loading is unique too. I'd only recommend this blaster to those who just want to goof around with their friends,and not to use as a blaster for games.

-Update- After playing with the Flipfire more. I noticed that the barrel can be stored in the stock. Also,when the stock is in the compact mode, the stock acts as a holster and you can hang the  blaster to your pants or belt. Pretty damn cool!

Rate Of Fire:6/10


Personal Rating:7/10

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Box Art...