Friday, 28 November 2014

More BOOMco Products on Amazon!

There are lots of listings on Amazon of BOOMco products. Some of which look unfamiliar,and are probably new.Credits to Amazon for the images and information.Anyway, here they are...

BOOMco. Rapid Reloader Blaster

  • Seize the ultimate competitive edge on the battlefield with the Rapid Reload System
  • Impressive storage ability for arsenal of darts, rounds, blasters and accessories, right at your fingertips!
  • Comes with 20 Smart Stick darts and can hold up to 40
  • Removable dart holder has a clip that can be attached to a belt loop or backpack for easy access firepower
  • Compatible with our BOOMCo. clip system, so you can instantly reload darts in to any BOOMCo. clips!
  • BOOMco Single Dart & Smart Stick Target

    BOOMco. Action Video Pack

  • The ultimate accessory to the BOOMco. line, the Action Video pack allows boys to capture their blasting action!
  • After recording, enhance the footage (with graphic and audio effects), create trailers, and share via email!
  • Comes with a safe, durable case that attaches to all BOOMco. blasters with a rail and holds a 5th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S or 5C.
  • Download the BOOMco. Action Video App for free and let the fun begin!
  • HaveABlast with BoomCo.!
  • BOOMco. Clip and 40 Dart Pack

  • HaveABlast with BOOMco.!
  • A must-have on the battlefield for quick and easy reload
  • Comes with 20 Smart Stick darts
  • Fits in all BOOMco. clip system blasters
  • Sticks to all Smart Stick targets and blaster shields

  • BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster, Blue Edition [Amazon Exclusive]

    • Fires 20 darts in seconds for ultimate firepower
    • Push-button removable transforming Smart Stick blaster shields
    • Fires up to 50 feet
    • Air-powered, no batteries necessary
    • Includes 30 Smart Stick darts, a 20 dart clip and a Smart Stick target

    Wednesday, 26 November 2014

    Nerf Zombiestrike Flipfury Video Unboxing,Review, and Eyecandy

    I reluctantly bought the Flipfury because of the hefty price tag. But since Singapore is the only country which has this blaster, I thought I should try it out. Thankfully this blaster is NOT a let down. The Flipfury fires darts straighter than how a strongarm would.I'm not too sure about the range difference, but they'll probably perform equally. The full review of this blaster will be out soon. Meanwhile,you can check out my video unboxing and quick review of this blaster on my YouTube channel.

    I know people will use my images.Sure,but please credit my blog,'Awesomely Nerf'. Cheers!

    Tuesday, 25 November 2014

    Nerf Elite XD Strongarm (90ft version): Overview,Unboxing, and HD Images!

    The Elite XD Strongarm is now available in Singapore. Since there isn't much content on this blaster on the internet as of now, I decided to pick this up. I didn't manage to test this blaster outdoors yet. But from indoor tests, it seem to perform on par with a regular Strongarm.
    Here's some eyecandy of the blaster. Please credit  my blog,'Awesomely Nerf', should you decided  to use any image.

    New Nerf Flipfury in Singapore!

    Thanks to Tan Junming Clarence for posting this on the Nerf Singapore Facebook group! The Flipfury is now available in Singapore for $39.90! This was spotted at OG. For those who don't know yet, the Cycloneshock is available here too,for the same price. What a wrong time to release this because there are no offers at OG right now,and I'm broke. So I am unable to get this for review. Hopefully other SG reviewers will review the Flipfury.

    Sunday, 23 November 2014

    Rebelle Mini Mischief Listed on Smyths UK

    The mini mischief is now listed on Smyth UK's website. This blaster looks really similar to the Clipfire from BOOMco. I foresee many people complaining about the ergonomics of this blaster;but hey, it's designed for small girls.Anyway, the product details and features are below-have a look.

    Product Details
    Reveal your mischievous side with this compact Mini Mischief blaster! It's small enough to hide out in your purse or pocket, and it’s perfect for secret missions because it closes so you can’t even see it’s a blaster. Just load your 2 collectible darts, then hide your blaster out until it's time to take your shot. Then when you're ready to stand out, just pull the handle back and pull the trigger! Fire away with the unexpected surprise of the Mini Mischief blaster!
    • Compact Mini Mischief blaster
    • Mini blaster is small enough to hide in a purse or pocket
    • Easy to load and fire
    • Includes 2 collectible darts
    • Blaster closes to conceal
    • Blaster comes with 2 darts and instructions.
    • Dimensions: 4.4L X 22.2W X 19.1 H cm

    Nerf Zombiestrike Flipfury Images from Smyths UK

    The Flipfury is now listed on Smyths UK's website.If you'd like to view more image of the blaster,check out the listing. 
    Looking at the images and product description, looks like there's nothing special about this blaster. Just a double barrel Strongarm; but I must admit,it looks sweet.
    Product DetailsDefend humanity like a true zombie-hunter with the Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury blaster. Flip between 2 rotating drums that hold 6 foam darts each. Fire a total of 12 Zombie Strike darts before reloading to beat back the zombie horde!Features
    • Battle zombies like a true zombie-hunter
    • Flip between 2 rotating drums that each hold 6 darts
    • Fire 12 foam darts before you reload
    • Find fun zombie games to play with your Zombie Strike blasters
    • Suitable for ages 8+
    • Assembled Dimensions: 7.6L x 38.4W x 27.9H cm
    • Contents: blaster, 12 Zombie Strike darts, and instructions.
    • Batteries Not Required.

    Saturday, 22 November 2014

    New BOOMco. Dynamag Blaster!

    Really big thanks to Tan Jie Hao for the heads up!Here's a new blaster from BOOMco,which apparently, is availble from 31 December 2014 onwards.The product code is NOV142204

    Product Information:
    Have a blast with BOOMCo! BOOMCo. products feature Smart Stick technology, an awesome material that's on the tip of every dart and in every round, that sticks to BOOMCo. targets and blaster shields so you see exactly where you nailed it! Now boys can blast free on the battlefield with Magblast, featuring the BOOMCo. clip system for awesome firepower! A vertical feed creates dynamic battlefield action, and the Magblast comes with a 6-dart clip with 6 Smart Stick darts and is compatible with our 20 and 40 dart clips to expand the Magblast action! See it shoot up to a thrilling 60 feet. Then reload and practice your aim with the included Smart Stick sticky back target!

    Can't wait for this blaster to hit the stores as it looks promising. Three cheers for BOOMco,for bringing back triggers to their blasters.

    Singapore Nerf Stock Update (22November2014)

    New blasters are arriving in Singapore. But they're unevenly disturbed for some reason. Anyway the follow blasters are available locally in departmental stores now. Please call up the stores to check on the available stock before heading there.

    -Zombiestrike Longshot
    -White Retaliator
    -White Triad
    -White Strongarm
    -White Roughcut
    -Orange Firestrike with target set
    -ECS Cam Blaster