Sunday, 6 September 2015

Update: 6 September 2015

Hey guys.
If you've read my previous update, you should know what is going on in my life. I don't think I have explained clear enough why I'm not posting-so I will now.

The first reason why I have decided that I'll stop posting(for now) is because of my up coming exams.They're around the corner;just 43 days away. Yes,I'm not spending ALL my time studying. Obviously I need time to rest-which I sometimes use for modding my blasters. So some of you might wonder: 'Why mod your blasters when you can post reviews during your free time?'
This brings me to my second reason which I initially did not plan on telling you guys because I wanted to make it a surprise,but I've changed my mind.

Alright. So back to my second point.I have BIG plans for Awesomely Nerf. I'm going to revamp the blog,YouTube channel and my room(Studio-ish to be) at the end of the year.I hope to up my game so that I can provide you guys with more professional content. 

The Room- My room is extremely messy now.No where close to what I'd wished for it to be. Clearing my room and giving it a make over will enable me to make better videos because my room will (hopefully)look more like studio than a...well... messy person's room.

The Equipment- Once I get into my course next year to further my studies,I'll be getting a Macbook. I'll invest in a more advance editing software so that the quality of my videos will be better. If you do not already know, I'm currently using Windows Movie Maker;the most basic editing software.So there's only so much(or should I say 'little') I can do with my video edits.
If I have the funds,I'd love to get a dolly slider.Only time will tell.

The Blog And Channel- With a nice looking room and better equipment, I can have better quality posts on my channel and blog! I'll *probably* be deleting old posts so that I can start afresh. Hopefully everything will look a ton more professional by then.

And that is why I have decided to stop posting. I don't want to upload my videos right now, only to delete them in the future. I want to have a channel with high quality videos and blog posts for my viewers. So bare with me for these few months. As much as I would like to review the blasters I have on hand right now, I am not going to do so because I can make much better content in the future. Just give me some time and I'll have Awesomely Nerf in its best form.

And finally here's what's happening in the months to come...

Now till after exams-  nothing much.heh.
After exams till end of year-  Room makeover! Test all the products I have so that my reviews will be as comprehensive as possible. 
Early 2016-  After I get my Mac and editing program, and settle down with it, I'll start posting again.

I really hope I can come back soon, and I am eager to test the products. See you guys soon! :)

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Update: 27 June 2015

Alright update time!

Some of you might know that I'm having my major exams this year-The Cambridge O Level Examinations. My results for this examinations will play a huge role in deciding where I will go to in the future.
I already know which course I want to take, and i'm aiming for it. However,I need to steer clear of all distractions to be able to achieve this goal. I have around five months left so it's going to happen really quickly.
You're probably thinking why I would want this course so badly. Simply because I'll be able to enhance my skills, haha! I'll learn from the professionals about videography, photography, writing etc. So,whatever I'll learn, I'll be able to apply it to Awesomely Nerf. Wouldn't it be cool to go to school and study what you actually love?Haha.

Anyway, like I said, five more months. So within these upcoming five months, my blog will come to a  stand still.I'll be back eventually,so don't go anywhere. See ya'll soon!

BuzzBee Toys Ultra Auto Tek Unboxing,Overview,Demo

 Finally got my hands on the brand new,yet to be released, Ultra Auto Tek. Big thanks to BuzzBee for the product sample.
I have a demo video of this blaster up on my channel so do check it out. Full review will come out when I have the time.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Orange Mod Works Longshot Unleashed Solid Stage 2 Kit is near us!

It's near us! Orange Mod works just posted a couple of videos of their Longshot Unleashed Solid kit. Above are two, featuring the Stage 2 kit. The stage 1 is already available,and the stage 2 is suppose to be available in early-mid July.
We all know how OMW always delay the release of their kits. But since the video of the Stage 2 kit is already out, I'm pretty sure that their designs are already finalized. The kits are probably in the midst of being produced, or are already sitting in the OMW HQ getting ready to be sold-I guess.
Anyway, below is the list of what will be included in the kit,according to OMW's website. I can't wait for the release of it!

The Stage 2 Kit for the Longshot/Zombiestrike Longshot builds upon the power upgrade from the Stage 1 Kit by replacing more high-wear parts. With heavy use the 8kg spring from the Stage 1 Kit can weaken and even break some of the stock components in the blaster. The Stage 2 Kit remedies this by replacing the bolt sled, plunger rod, and plunger head with extremely tough impact resistant polycarbonate. The replacement plunger o-ring better fills the gap between the plunger head and plunger body ensuring no air escapes during operation. A metal trigger with OMW logo is also included with this kit to add some flair to your blaster. You do not need to purchase the Stage 1 Kit to use the Stage 2 Kit but it is recommended.

Included in this kit:

  • Longshot Bolt Sled
  • Longshot Plunger Rod
  • Longshot Plunger Head
  • Plunger Screw
  • Metal Trigger
  • Trigger Spring
  • Plunger O-ring
  • PTFE White Lithium Grease
*Modifying blaster may wear out or damage components. Please do so responsibly and at your own risk!


Plunger Rod
  • Constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • All edges and junctions have been radiused.
Plunger Head
  • Constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • All edges and junctions have been radiused.
Bolt Sled
  • Constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • All edges and junctions have been radiused.
  • Breech pin area has been reinforced.
  • Constructed from zinc alloy.
  • OMW logo has been added
Trigger Spring
  • Strengthened to handle the heavier trigger.
  • Constructed from high quality music wire.
  • Widened to accommodate a thicker spring post.
  • Thicker construction to form a better seal with the plunger body.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review: Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper Cs-6 Mission Kit [Demo & Unboxing Too!]

Hoho! Well,this was unexpected. Nerf just released the Alpha Tropoer Cs-6 Mission Kit! Alright,since this is new,I know many of you guys will end up using my image. I don't mind at all,but please give credits to 'Awesomely Nerf'.

Anyway,this kit includes the Alpha Trooper Cs-6, two clips, a stock, and 12 darts.

The blaster and stock are both painted in a really nice colour scheme. Totally digging it! Do note that it's not the Gear Up Series scheme though-the orange is different.

Anyway,the XD Alpha Trooper is the same as the Elite Alpha Trooper. The only differences are the paint job and the name plate. Same for the Spectre stock. It's just repainted.

The two clips included in the mission kit are N-Strike clips. Is Nerf trying to clear their left over clips? Haha.

Anyway,you can watch the unboxing and overview video of the Mission Kit below.Do tell me in the comments if you'll be picking one up!

Orange Mod Works Nerf Longshot Unleashed Kit Stage 2

Credits to Blaster Toys SG for sharing this on their page! Here's some information about the OMW Stage 2 LS kit. Really excited for the release of this kit. And for $30, you'll get so much stuff- seems like its worth the money IMO. Will you be getting one?

Information below via Blaster Toys SG...

Product update from Orange Mod Works. The unleashed solid Stage 2 Kit for Nerf Longshot.
Release date: July 2015
MSRP: US$29.99
Blaster Toy price: TBC
Included with this kit:
- Longshot Bolt Sled
- Longshot Plunger Rod
- Longshot Plunger Head
- Plunger Screw
- Metal Trigger
- Trigger Spring
- Plunger O-ring
- PTFE White Lithium Grease
- OMW Stickers

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: BuzzBee Ultra Tek 8 [Oh This Is Goooood]

 Over the pass few years, dart blaster companies have been pushing the limits of their blasters to make them shoot further.And BuzzBee is no exception. Just recently, BuzzBee released some blasters under a new line-the Ultra Tek line. These blasters have range claims of up to 72ft.
Thanks to BuzzBee, I am fortunate enough to get my hands on the Ultra Tek 8 to do a review.
 The Ultra Tek 8 comes along with 8 darts, and a clip.
The darts which come with the Ultra Tek 8 shoot really well because of their solid heads.This help to improve accuracy and consistency of the flight of the darts.
 So to get the blaster to work is really simple. Load the darts into the clip like so- Tips facing where the arrow is pointing.
 Prime the blaster back like that,insert the clip,push the handle forward, and you're ready to fire.
 The priming handle fits comfortably in my hands. But I think that users with larger hands might encounter some difficulties with the priming handle.
As for the main handle/grip, I personally do not like it that much. It's a little small for my liking,which results in the blaster becoming a little front heavy.Not too big of an issue though.

 Another point which I would like to bring up is the clip release button. The button,in my opinion, is too far away from the clip. As you can see from the picture above, I need quite a bit of stretch for my thumb to reach the button. 
 As of now,I have shot over the Ultra Tek 8 over a hundred times. It have not failed me and I did not encounter any jams when testing it. I think it would hold up pretty well during games.
 And time for more good news. Guess what? The Ultra Tek 8 accepts clips from a certain other  brand. It fires their darts too!
This is great because you can use a large range of other clips. 12,15,18,25 dart clips, and more.

Conclusion time! I am VERY pleased with this blaster. The only problems which I have found while testing this blaster are some minor ergonomic  issues that do not bother me much. This blaster is compact,reliable, and packs a punch. Accuracy is also pretty good because of the darts. I recommend this blaster to people who are interested in getting a new blaster for stock games.

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating:9/10